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Lee Wells has launched ten entrepreneurial initiatives in his life, nine of those being small business companies.He also planted a church in 2011 and continues to pastor today. In the past, Lee launched a construction company and lost it during the horrible economy following September 11, 2001. Shortly after he began a public speaking career that took him nationwide, speaking an average of 48 weeks a year.

Then he began his internet marketing company serving clients all over North America with an additional full-service video production division. Then in 2017, Wells Cattle Co. was formed and continues to provide ranch-raised beef. Then in 2018 Wells Cattle Co. Restaurant & Market was started, his ranch-table restaurant located in Rockwall, Texas. In addition to his ranching operation, he launched an all-natural liquid feed distributorship when he could not get anyone to carry his choice of feed.

After authoring his book Burger Brilliance, he opened his own book publishing company, Wells Ranch Publishing. Most recently Lee launched “Lee Wells Official,” his Keynote and Coaching brand in order to give back to the communities he has been so blessed to serve over the years.

Lee is also the host of the weekly business podcast The Ranch & Table, found anywhere podcasts are available to download.

8 Things To Know About Lee

  • Lee has been married for 27 years to Lynda, his high school sweetheart, and they have two amazing daughters Kayla and Addison.
  • Lee has launched 10 distinct entrepreneurial companies over the past 23 years. All but one were and are successful.

  • Lee has been speaking on stage for the past 25 years. His average is once per week, and his personal best was 8 times in one week.
  • Lee has spoken in almost every state in the US, the elusive bucket-list state being Hawaii.

  • Lee owns an award-winning Ranch-to-Table restaurant outside of Dallas, that has been nominated for a James Beard Award for Outstanding Customer Service.

  • Lee has authored and published a business book entitled Burger Brilliance, which details his beef company and restaurant journey along with the award-winning culture of both.

  • Lee is the host of the weekly business podcast: The Ranch & Table.

  • Lee strangely doesn’t eat eggs, no, not even scrambled, but can cook eggs any way the family requests.

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