Lee Wells the Author

Lee has written and published his first original book Burger Brilliance. The book tells the story of the Wells Cattle Co., along with his experience operating the award-winning ranch-to-table restaurant he owns in Rockwall, TX. It has a business focus and is written to encourage the reader to reevaluate his or her progress in life and reach for the success that they are destined to achieve.  

Lee previously published a collaboration book about leadership and growth that was published in the fall of 2012. Lee was privileged to author several chapters of the book, and also oversaw the layout and publishing efforts.

I just finished reading Lee's book. It's not just about the burger business, but about life choices, having a servant's heart, caring about people, and working hard. His book has encouraged me to be a happier person.
~ Jim Dunphy

This was an enjoyable read—simple, direct, and thought-provoking. Its conversational tone makes it easy to follow, resembling more of a friendly chat than a formal business course. While it can be labeled as a marketing tutorial, the author's approach gives it the authenticity of sincere advice from a well-informed friend.
~ David Vega




    This book explores the journey and culture of the highly successful business practices of Wells Cattle Co., located in Rockwall, TX. On these pages, you will discover the innovation behind what many label as the best burger they have ever eaten. You will find insight into true servant customer care, along with the imagination required to create one of the most unique menus anywhere in the world.

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    What people are saying!

    I truly enjoyed this book… thoroughly impressed!
    – Kevin Lefere, Partner & Head Chef, Zanata
    Simply put, this book is for everyone.
    – Jimmy Niwa, Owner, Niwa Japanese BBQ
    What can you learn from a cowboy that runs a burger joint? Nothing much, right? You’d be wrong!
    – Kevin Fowler, Sr. VP, Independent Financial,
    Former Mayor, City of Rockwall, Texas

    I found Lee’s book to be an enjoyable read. In addition to the brevity of the chapters, his style is easy to digest.

    – Trace Johannesen, Mayor, City of Rockwall, Texas
    It’s a refreshing slice of Americana, full of concentrated and valuable content…
    – Brian Adams, Sr. VP, Food & Beverage Advisory, JLL

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