Jimmy Niwa talks about Japanese BBQ and the restaurant business

The Ranch & TablePodcast NotesJimmy Niwa talks about Japanese BBQ and the restaurant businessWelcome to the ranch and table podcast,  where we discuss all things related to our Texas ranch and our ranch to table restaurant located in downtown Rockwall.  I’m your host, Lee Wells. All right. Welcome everybody. Today is a, another great day for a podcast.  Another great …

2024 Looking Ahead! Future Podcast Plans

In this episode, Lee introduces the podcast for the new year, talks about some upgrades, expresses gratitude to previous guests, and discusses upcoming guests and topics. He also mentions a new website, online coaching program, and keynote speaking availability. Lee reflects on New Year’s resolutions and shares his personal goals for the year. He concludes by expressing his appreciation for the listeners and wishing them a happy new year.

The Lost Week – Learning & Change Discussion

The Ranch & TablePodcast NotesThe Lost Week – Learning & Change DiscussionWelcome to the ranch and table podcast,  where we discuss all things related to our Texas ranch and our ranch to table restaurant located in downtown Rockwall.  I’m your host, Lee Wells. Hey, welcome everybody. Lee Wells here on the ranch and table podcast.  I want to just say …

Kevin Fowler – Business Banking and Rockwall Former Mayor Talk

This episode is a conversation between Lee Wells, the host of the “Ranch and Table Podcast,” and his guest Kevin Fowler. They discuss a variety of subjects, including the dynamics of operating a restaurant in Rockwall, Texas, banking and finance, small business struggles, and personal stories and anecdotes. Throughout the script, Lee Wells expertly guides the conversation, asking clarifying questions, seeking further details, and giving helpful suggestions.

We are Built for Success!

The podcast’s host, Lee Wells, shares thoughts and anecdotes about setting goals and acting towards success in one’s personal life and business. He discusses how setting and accomplishing goals can become a habit, turning into an automatic, subconscious response that propels individuals forward. Wells uses the context of his ranch-to-table restaurant in Texas as a backdrop for relaying lessons on accomplishing tasks, becoming successful, understanding the responses of our brain, and developing an attitude of appreciation.

A Chat With Matt!

This episode of the Ranch and Table podcast contains discussions between host Lee Wells and his brother Matt in the context of ranching and business. The conversation flows between their personal lives, ranching, hunting, and business experiences. Matt talks about his role in Superior Snacks and their future plans, and discusses the importance of building good relationships with both suppliers and customers. Lee, on the other hand, shares the challenges in running his restaurant and their future plans for expansion. Both brothers engage in a rapid-fire question segment that touches on their favorite restaurant, best business advice, and greatest achievements.

Some Things Are Better Free

In this episode, the host, Lee Wells, discusses the topics of money and free. He shares his philosophy of not being ultra-focused on money in his business strategy but instead prioritizing quality and customer service. He believes that when these basics are taken care of, money will naturally follow. He also emphasizes the importance of putting value and certain things above money, such as providing free extras like chips and salsa in a Tex-Mex restaurant or complimentary sauces. Overall, the episode explores the concept of balancing the pursuit of money with other aspects of business and life.

Thanksgiving with Kitchen Manager & Daughter Kayla Wells

This episode is a conversation between host “Lee Wells” and his daughter “Kayla Wells”. They discuss their experiences running a family ranch and restaurant in Texas. They also discuss their relationships with other local businesses, the importance of community, and their gratitude for their success. The episode features their shared experiences, and how they’ve incorporated their personal values into their business. They also partake in a rapid-fire question round, where they deliver spontaneous answers to each other’s questions about their favorite memories, wishes, and more.

Good, Bad, Ugly of Business Reviews

The host, Lee Wells, discusses the business owner perspective on receiving reviews. Wells addresses the challenges business owners face when receiving reviews, the various types of reviewers including the unhappy, disgruntled, and disappointed, and how these reviews impact businesses. He insists on the importance of addressing every review and explains that even negative ones can be productive when responded to correctly.