Lee Wells the Coach

Lee has been a mentor most of his life. His life has been dedicated to helping others both in life and business. This coaching program is designed to encourage and challenge you to look at life and business differently. Are you ready?

What if it only took you one simple adjustment or idea to completely change the trajectory of your business?

Would you be willing to implement that idea in your life to see a different outcome?

If so, Lee may be the coach for you. He does not approach life as a consultant who points out flaws and shortcomings, but rather he walks alongside you to discover changes that can be made to see a different outcome. Learning is better when friends discuss life together rather than attempt to scold or dictate to each other. Time invested in Lee’s coaching program is time you may enjoy, and you may even learn mission-critical adjustments at the same time.

Re-Imagining Your Restaurant Coaching

Did You Know:
70% of Local Restaurants Fail within 1 Year
90% of Local Restaurants never see Year 10
Learn How Lee has Achieved:
- Record Sales During Covid Years
- 2.5 Times the National Average Annual Gross Revenue
- Over 20 "Best" Awards
- James Beard Award Nomination

Join Lee on a powerful journey to Re-imagine your Restaurant. Anyone can be successful! Success is not reserved for a select few!

This easy to follow format only requires 15-20 minutes per week. A new video lesson is sent directly to your phone or device. These lessons and ideas are designed to help restaurant owners re-imagine their own restaurants to be the best version itself.

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