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Lee Wells is a cattle rancher in North Texas and also owns a ranch-to-table burger restaurant in downtown Rockwall, TX. As a small business leader, he has helped many businesses become more successful with private one-on-one sessions over the years. He has successfully launched 9 businesses and continues to find a way to be active and help the community.

The restaurant, Wells Cattle Co. Burgers & Pies, has won more burger awards than any other restaurant in Rockwall, TX, in the past five years. Their dedication to quality, customer care, and rich value has proven to be successful and has won over the hearts of the community.

This podcast is an opportunity to look inside the worlds of Beef, Ranching, Restaurants, Small Business, Marketing, and much more! Click the titles below to enjoy past episodes of The Ranch and Table Podcast. [Podcast Notes and Transcripts.]

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