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Lee has been a public speaker for over twenty years. His experience ranges from training small groups of leaders to large-format keynote speaking events. Lee began as a student leader as a young man and later became a project manager, engineer, and corporate trainer for Fortune 500 companies for several years. His speaking experience began in the summer of 1999 and has continued to the present.

Lee spent seven years traveling full-time speaking for a living. The final three years he spent on the road with his family in a motor coach speaking an average of 48 weeks a year to groups of all sizes, and he has been honored to speak at large-scale conferences as both a keynote and a seminar instructor. He also has experience as a studio seminar instructor for a global leadership organization. In summary, he has spoken publicly every week for most of his career.

I'm not coaching for a mere resolution - I am coaching for the win, and that means a customer for life!

Lee Wells

I had the opportunity to hear Lee speak today at a business event, and I was absolutely impressed! It’s such a treat to hear someone present from a place of sincerity and passion.

His presentation on customer service was an incredible reminder of the impact genuine care and kindness can have on how we serve our customers. He cares for his craft, his customers, and his community. And it was very evident when hearing him speak.

If you’re looking for someone to give you some practical tips and advice on how to serve your customers better, Lee is the guy to call!

– Evan Renfro, CEO of Maximized Media

Speaking Specialties

Distinguished for a dynamic presence and captivating messages, Lee is a down-to-earth keynote speaker, leaving an indelible impression on audiences across the nation. With a charismatic blend of expertise and passion, he seamlessly engages with diverse crowds, delivering insightful talks that inspire and resonate. As a thought leader in his field, Lee brings a unique perspective to the stage, creating an exciting desire for change and the future success of his listeners. Whether addressing corporate leaders, small business groups, or global conferences, his genuine stage presence and thought-provoking content have earned him the chance to speak and be heard. Elevate your business event with a keynote speaker who not only imparts knowledge but sparks transformative change!

Running a monthly networking meeting for small business owners means I try to find relevant speakers. I am tasked with bringing in guest speakers who excel in certain qualities so we can be challenged and changed. Lee Wells was the perfect presenter on customer service and being kind, since at the end of the day, we are all customers. Hearing the truth of difficult reviews and challenging customers shows us the areas in which we can all grow. Thank you for your words and for challenging us to check our hearts on how we treat those around us.
– Sarah Naylor, Monument Realty and R.A.S.B.A. Director
I loved the presentation today! Mr. Wells had the most insightful talk. I loved hearing how he deals with conflict.
– Angelica Weber
Lee Wells spoke to our group today and left us with many great things to consider and work on regarding customer service and customer retention. Thanks, Lee for helping us all be better business owners and serve our customers at the highest level.
– Kevin Potts, CEO of Texas Contractor Roll-Offs
I LOVED IT! Lee’s talk was so inspiring and full of great reminders!
– Paula Seumalo, Marketing Coordinator at W3 Electric
Last year, I had the pleasure of  hosting Lee Wells at Rockwall High School. His passion and expertise on the topic of entrepreneurship inspired not only my students, but me as well! He has an amazing ability to connect with his audience and that was seen by the high level of engagement with the students. His presentation was well structured and students enjoyed learning all about his life. It is very apparent his concern for our community and he showed this by taking time out of his busy schedule to visit with us. I highly recommend having Mr. Wells speak at your next function! Thank you again sir!
Cheri Whitelock, Rockwall ISD
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