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Devastating Fires

The Texas wildfires of 2024 have wrought devastation across the state, leaving a trail of destruction in their wake. With scorching flames consuming vast swathes of land, countless farms and cattle ranches have been engulfed, leaving farmers and ranchers reeling from profound losses. Livelihoods have been shattered, and communities torn apart as homes and businesses succumb to the inferno.

In response to this crisis, a concerted effort is underway to raise much-needed funds to support those affected by the fires. From providing essential resources for rebuilding to offering assistance for displaced families and livestock, every contribution plays a crucial role in aiding the recovery efforts and bringing hope to those grappling with the aftermath of this catastrophic disaster.

Panhandle Ranchers Benefit Raffle

Jerry Sims The Happy Toy Maker has generously provided this amazing 1:12 scale Ranch Truck and Half-Top Rig! Such a cool toy. The gates work, the trailer jack works, the cake box opens - the details are amazing! All proceeds will go towards the Texas Wildfire Relief efforts in the panhandle. Winner is: Lex Esquivel


Boots On The Ground

With two million acres of Texas Panhandle ranch land burned, now is the time to step up and help our neighbors in need!

Project One: We have brokered a deal with a feed mill here in our area to manufacture an all-purpose feed that is safe for horses, cattle, and goats - at cost! They have agreed to make as much as we can buy to send to the Texas Panhandle. The counter above details the number of tons we have sent so far! 

Project Two: We are actively relocating hay from Northeast Texas ranchers to the Panhandle ranchers. If you have hay you would like to donate, please send us a message and let us know. We have volunteer haulers ready to make the trip! Notice the counter above indicating the total number of bales transported to ranches in the burn zone. 

Project Three: With thousands of miles of fences destroyed we are teaming up with national and worldwide disaster aid organizations to provide volunteers to join in our efforts to repair and replace burned fences. We need both men and women to donate time to come on location to help build fences. We also need financial backing to provide materials for these donated fences. The new fence costs between $15,000 and $21,000 per mile depending on the terrain. We can provide new fences for free to land owners with donated funds and labor. See the counter for the total number of feet we have rebuilt. 

Project Four: The documentary trailer posted at the top of this page is an effort to share the story of these amazing ranchers and the profound relief efforts that have been so generously donated. We are continuing to shoot content and request help in funding for this worthy project. We are working toward a full-length documentary. 

Special Events: Open the "Media & Events" tab below to see the upcoming benefit concerts and special events coming soon!

It goes without saying, but we are not making anything on this endeavor. We are simply grateful it is not our ranch destroyed by fire. There is no more efficient or effective way to help these men and women than your donation right here - we can use your donation completely toward the resources required in the Panhandle today! 

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